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The Feet and Hands are the mirrored images of the body. All body structures are represented on them. This age old non-invasive non-diagnostic gentle treatment assists in the alleviation of many conditions. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We are all part of the universal Life Force, Energy or Auric Field, with flows around us, and through us. If this energy is blocked it stagnates and causes inflammation, and pain. Pain is an indicator that something is amiss within the body. Pain will normally be expressed as sensitivity in the reflexes. The cause of lack of energy also needs to be identified.

A consultation is taken, ascertaining the reason the client is attending.

A brief explanation outlining the map of the body on the feet is given.

The basic aim of the therapy is to encourage relaxation, at cellular level throughout the body.

The client is laid on a plinth and covered with a warm towel. The feet are also covered.

The moment the Reflexologist’s hands start their work, the relaxation begins. This has been demonstrated by measuring movements of brain waves. EEG.

The therapist thumb or finger walks through the feet. Different subcutaneous feelings indicate imbalances in body structures. Sensitive reflexes may coincide with client’s pain or discomfort

Gentle compression methods help relieve this sensitivity or congestion. Sensitive points are noted.

The treatment is normally followed by using Medical Radiesthesia. A bio-resonance machine which further identifies and corrects imbalances presented by client and noted during the treatment. It is necessary to balance the Chakras ie. points relating to the Auric Field and to test for the presence of Geopathic or Electromagnetic Stress.

There is evidence of the therapy being used as far back as 8000.B.C Foot prints were carved into a high rock face in Val Camonica in the Alps N.E of Milan.

Reflexology points on the feetReflexology, a Science which states that every structure in the body has a Reflex point on the soles of the feet, hands, face, tongue and ears. These points are the outward expression of the inward structure or cells.

Reflexology has advanced in understanding due to ongoing research, both in Europe and U.S.A. It is widely embraced as a complementary therapy.

The aim is to facilitate healing, in a non-invasive, non diagnostic, non judgemental way. This gentle age old treatment is conducted in a comfortable environment, on a plinth/couch, or recliner.

The therapist takes a brief medical history. The feet are sensitively walked with thumb and fingers.

Different subcutaneous feelings indicate imbalances in body structures. These are referred to as energy flow or blockages” as the case may be.


There is evidence of the therapy being used as far back as 8000.B.C Foot prints were carved into a high rock face in Val Camonica in the Alps N.E of Milan. There is also evidence it was used in China and Egypt. Here the hieroglyphic found in the tomb of the physician of Ramases 2 depicts one person treating another. This dates to 2300. B.C.

Eunice Ingham, Washington DC, USA, with the help of Dr. Joe Shelby Reilly and his wife Elizabeth, mapped the body parts on the feet (1889-1974). This was a further advancement on the develop of Zone therapy by Dr. William Fitzgerald. (1872 – 1942).


Healing may be needed on a physical, emotional or spiritual plane. The number of treatments depends on the client’s needs. It may take 3 or 4 treatments to establish equilibrium. Once this is achieved, all that is required is further treatments at intervals.

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The cost of treatments can be partially redeemed by Health Care Providers
VHI, Laya and Aviva Insurance.

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