Aileen O Connor

Rayocomp ~

Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

Medical Radiesthesia

Rayocomp MachineMr Paul Schmidt. A German engineer ascertained what the resonance of all body structures should be. Dietmar Heimes and others further developed devices and applications to help correct imbalances in the frequencies associated with each organ.

Client is connected to the Rayocomp machine, and sits relaxed while the device does its work in encouraging harmony and healing within the body systems. It is a bio-energetic analysis, developed according to Manfred Denker. It can deal with complex regulatory disorders. Allergy Testing and Allergen harmonising and many other applications.

Geopathic Stress

Humans, animals, and plants, resonate at a frequency compatible with the earth’s frequency. Any deviation from this frequency can wreck havoc with the physical and emotional body of all living things. It is caused by underground streams which cross each other, thereby creating a vortex.

This vortex inhibits the natural energy from the earth’s core emitting into the universe, thereby changing the vibration. Man cannot adapt to this new frequency, and will not be living in a harmonious situation. Rock fissures and caves have a similar effect. It is important that a person’s bed is not on a location which is geopathically stressed. This is where we spend at least 8 hours of our lives. This disturbance is being created while we are trying to sleep.

Electromagnetic Stress

We need to be grateful for the advantages of electricity and electronic devices. Unfortunately we are allowing ourselves to be bombarded with the negative effects of these advantages. All of these create a field which is too much for our bodies to cope with. This excessive radiation can have a debilitating effect on us. Irrespective of how we look after ourselves, the negative effect of these two stresses must be neutralised before the healing process can begin.