Aileen O Connor

About Aileen O'Connor ~

Aileen's skills are constantly being updated by attending courses and seminars.

She has been practicing Reflexology since 1991. She opened Academy of Reflexology School in 1997, and has trained many therapists in the therapy she passionately believes in.

reflecxology foot massageAs in any therapy the quality of life skills and disciplines of the therapist are important. Both the client and the therapist are in the same auric field. When the therapist is in a holistic state of mind body and spirit, there will then be greater healing impact on the client.

These disciplines include.

  • Awareness of responsibility to the client, and of one’s limitations.
  • Prayer, for guidance and direction. "These are my hands Lord, use them as your healing tools"
  • Meditation: By spending some time in stillness, it takes one from the external (busy) to the internal calm. It brings one to the source of thought deep within. "Be still and know that I am yours"
  • Meditation brings one is into the rainbow of colours and into the crock of gold, which resides deep inside you.
  • Exercise both aerobic and stretch, eg. Tai Chi or Yoga etc.
  • Appropriate dietary habits.

Aileen has been given the gift of Divining. There are many different ways in which this can be used. She keeps this ability strictly for divining in conjunction with the use of Medical Radiesthesia, with the use of the Rayocomp for her clients. We are given many gifts in life, some of which we are not even aware of. The gift of laughter, empathy, love and companionship are but a few.

There is a light within me which cannot be extinguished. It was given to me at birth. It is the light of Peace Hope and Love. Please Lord, keep this light burning within me and help me shine it on others