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Reflexology: The History

There is evidence that the therapy was being used as far back as 8000 BC. Foot prints were carved into a rock face in Val Camonica in the Alps N.E. of Milan indicating this.

Treatment RoomThere is also evidence that it was being used in China, and especially in Egypt. Here hieroglyphics found on the tomb of the physician of Ramases 2 depicts a fair-haired African treating the darker-haired African.

It is believed that in the early stages of the evolution of the human species, the people could see the auric field (colours) around and through the body. Different or unusual colours in the field indicated an imbalance which would have been interpreted as distress or illness in the body. In today’s world we observe the degree of a person’s health, by their appearance. The sacred feet of Buddha, had many markings representing body organs, structures and emotions. Unfortunately, a lot of the detailed knowledge has been lost. Today, we still “Read the Feet” and a certain amount of the client’s state of health can be observed.

In the USA Dr. William Fitzgerald (1872-1942) developed Zone Therapy. This Philosophy still applies today. From Zone therapy, Eunice Ingham. Washington DC. USA with the help of Dr. Joe Shelby Reilly and his wife Elizabeth mapped the body parts on the feet (1889-1974)

Studies done by Kunz and Kunz, show some of the benefits Reflexology.

  • It creates a relaxing effect, thereby relaxing the body at cellular level.
  • A relaxed cell membrane, allows internal components to work at optimum level.
  • Positive changes were noted in Kidney functions in dialysis patients.
  • It has an impact on specific organs by improved blood flow.

Controlled studies by Milligan 2002 looked at the benefits of Reflexology on the quality of life on Cancer patients.

Frankel 1997 conducted a study on the benefit effects of Reflexology.

Ying 1009 conducted controlled research on blood flow by using Doppler Ultra Sound equipment on patients with type two Diabetes. Again, evidence of improved blood flow.

Studies in Kidney Function, Pediatric, Psychological and post operative symptoms all showed improved benefits of Reflexology. It is found to be particularly beneficial in Fertility issues.

Research is continued to be done at different levels in different countries.